Purging Unhealthy Love

Purging Unhealthy love

Your belly is full.. leftover love gurgling inside trying to find its way out. You’ve done nothing but consume healthy cocktails of self love and giant doses of every purifying modality out there and still, it finds-its way back to wreak havoc . 

We ask ourselves , wouldn’t it be easier if we could just bend over and purge the heartache that is no longer serving us? The heartbreak or the love that lingers, lost in a barrage of confusion ... 

My analogy of Unhealthy love is it’s like the flu.. hot & cold, makes you ache and feel shitty and eventually everything starts coming up or out... it makes you feel horrible , all you want is for it to be over with and if you don’t get rid of it you just spread it to everyone around you.. 

I’m so glad we live in a time of truth speakers, those that will tell us to take responsibility for our own happiness . The ones who will guide along side us rather then try to dose us up on “deal with it pills”. The ones that are purging and filling their own pasts and futures.. Seek those people..

Follow them, reach out, ask for help...it’s the best natural cure

Stephanie HigginsComment