Are you willing

Are you willing?

What are you willing to do to find the true you? Are you willing to walk on the edge of comfort; Be vulnerable, messy, open?

Can you design intimacy in the name of learning? Make room to create your own experience outside of the normative?

I recently attended a couples retreat that I so desired to attend with a man I loved. A man I wanted to share my soul and energy with. I wanted to create a new bond with him that would help carry us to that rocking chair on the porch but I was denied. Fear of the unknown, anxiety and what people would think. Fear of the uncomfortable. 

What did I do? I created the experience for myself. I hired someone to hold me and love me for a week. To hold a safe space of asking and gifting. To embrace my messiness and help me unpack and heal this wound. He was not and is not my lover but he was willing…

My experience did not work out the way I envisioned it to but I did walk away with a greater understanding of what I NEED and want and above all of that , a powerful feeling of love inside that I was willing to be in uncomfortable in order to grow.

What are you willing to do to grow?

 Photo credit: Sway Sara way

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