Sex Butter

Sex Butter


If you are struggling with vaginal atrophy, dryness or pain this is the stuff for you!!!Sex Butter… makes sensual play more fun so you can have a good time! Sex Butter is a sensual cream aiding you in feeling greater sensation during intimate play. Not all sensual products are created equal. Unlike lubes which may contain non-natural and synthetic chemicals that can harm your body’s delicate PH, Sex Butter is made of the finest vegan, paraben-free, glycerin-free, petroleum-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, silicon-free, gluten-free and does not contain any dyes, harsh ingredients or sweeteners.  Organic ingredients  are important because YOUR VAGINA HAS NO FILTER. Whatever you decide goes on your body could be potentially harmful to your most delicate parts. When she’s not happy, neither are you. All of the ingredients in Sex Butter are healthy for the skin.  Sex Butter doesn’t get crusty, dry, flaky, gooey, hard or sticky. The more you use it the better it gets. Once you warm Sex Butter up (see next paragraph), Sex Butter lasts the duration enhancing your pleasure. Like your partner, Sex Butter needs to be “warmed up”. Take a dime-sized dab, rub between your fingers and watch it warm to the touch. Then apply! It’s naturally moisturizing, easy to use and enjoy, and doesn’t make a big mess. Sex Butter:

  • Smells like a peppermint patty

  • Tastes like dark chocolate that’s not sweetened

  • Has the texture of butter

  • Works quickly – within minutes

  • Isn’t messy – a dime sized dab will do

  • Goes a long way. 20-40 gifts of pleasure in one jar

  • Is a guaranteed good time for both of you

  • Is the only sexual cream you’ll ever want and need

  • Is made of organic plant-based oils

  • Has no petroleum

Use it by yourself and you will:

  • Get out of your head and into your body

  • Feel nurtured, nourished, and soothed

  • Wake up your sensual appetite

  • Enjoy self pleasuring in a whole new way

Use it with your partner and…

  • Your man will feel like a hero.

  • When it counts, you both will enjoy increased sensation

  • Soothing your arousal, it’s oh so enjoyable!

  • You’ll enjoy the experience as much as he does

  • When it’s over, both of you will glow from being fulfilled

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